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05 Jun 2017

#165: Encouraging Financial Wellness in The Workplace – With Chris Whitlow

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The move from “wellness” to “wellbeing” requires a more holistic approach which includes helping employees become financially well. Understanding the need and bringing the right technology to employers can help advisors expand their offerings and differentiate themselves.

Chris Whitlow of Edu(k)ate joins us to talk about the need, the approaches and how technology and unbiased financial advice are helping companies support all of their employees with these essential skills regardless of financial status.

Technology, data collection, and actionable information enable companies to provide scalable solutions for helping their employees feel more confident with their money. Encouraging financial wellness and literacy in the workplace allows employees to take care of their finances out of the office and feel confident when making impactful financial decisions. 

In this interview, we begin by defining financial wellness and identifying some of the common obstacles that prevent employees from achieving it. We also discuss why this holistic approach to employee engagement is essential for productivity, and why your clients should foster a corporate culture that makes it safe to ask questions about something as integral to daily life as money.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • The new definition of financial wellness clients are adopting.
  • Why the scale and need for financial guidance demands new approaches.
  • Why traditional resources for financial advice are no longer enough to help employees make good financial decisions.
  • The challenges employees and employers face due to a lack of individualized financial guidance. 
  • How technology is changing to help meet the need for unbiased financial advice.
  • How employers can drive engagement.

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