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12 Apr 2014

Are You Energized or Paralyzed?

David Saltzman 0 Comments

The Shift Shapers Podcast Launches April 15, 2014

ShiftShapersCoverArtBenjamin Franklin observed that, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” True enough. Yet there is one other certainty, and that is change. Death is final and taxes are a miserable part of life, but in my observation, it is change that causes the most stress – often on a daily basis.

Change either paralyzes or energizes, and there doesn’t seem to be much middle ground. As a writer, speaker and storyteller, I have always been fascinated by how change lifts some and crushes others. Why is it that only a few are able to grasp the shifts in their industries and shape them into the energy to create new paradigms and new ways of doing business, while others just become completely trapped; unable to go back because the old way just isn’t there any longer, yet also unable to move forward?

In my speaking engagements and in my columns and blogs I often share stories of how paradigm pioneers create new ways of doing business – or even create completely new businesses – often to great success. I have seen first-hand the almost spiritual awakening that happens to those who are paralyzed when they hear and understand those stories and begin applying them to their businesses.

The pace of change is so rapid today that I had to find a way to help tell those stories to a wider audience I needed to find a way to energize more and more people by telling stories of those who have mastered change to become their success engine. I call those folks the “Shift Shapers” and I have created “The ShiftShapers Podcast” to help spread their amazing stories.

You can get the podcast at iTunes, or on the Podcast tab of this website, where you can also find the show notes and all past episodes. We will be posting a new episode every Tuesday along show notes and links to all episodes. Some guests will be from within the life, health and benefits community, but some will be from unrelated industries. As I have studied shifts, it is amazing how similar challenges – and solutions – exist everywhere.

Take a moment to register while you are on the site, and we will notify you of upcoming webinars and exclusive content and specials that will be available only to registered “shifters”.

We can’t do anything about one of Ben’s observations, but it is past tax season so help yourself to deal with the “third inevitability” – change – by subscribing to the Shift Shapers podcast.  

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