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28 Sep 2014

Ep #25: Back to the Sales Basics – With Nelson Griswold

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This week, it is a privilege to be speaking to a principal of Bottom Line Solutions, Nelson Griswold. Nelson is a prolific public speaker and columnist whose audiences know him as a thought leader and authority in the area of consultative selling. He is also the author of the industry best-seller book, Do or Die.

I invited Nelson to the program to talk about the shift that PPACA has brought and why going back to the basics of selling is the way to go. Don’t miss this episode’s advice from one of the leading sales authorities in the industry!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Whether sales are made by presenting facts in a logical manner.
  • The psychology of buying.
  • How people usually listen.
  • Why more questions is not really the best approach to sales.
  • Do you really need 13 (or more) steps to sales success?
  • Nelson’s 4 steps to a successful sale where the client will even close themselves.

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