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18 Jan 2015

Ep #41: Research Helps You To Become A “New Generation Advisor” – With Eric Rentsch

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On previous episodes we’ve talked about the different tools and pieces of technology that advisors can use in their practices. But, according to a study conducted by this week’s guest, before we deploy the tools we need to assure that our strategies and tactics are aligned with the four basic types of employers.

Today, we welcome Eric Rentsch, Founder and CEO of CodeSixFour, an online resource center that uses latest research tools to help you become a “new generation benefit advisor”.

They recently undertook a fascinating study of some of the new market realities that  advisors are facing today. We invited Eric to share more about that study and what he and his company have learned from it regarding customer relations and new opportunities for custom solutions. Join us to hear Eric explain the study’s methodology, findings and conclusions.

As a bonus to ShiftShapers listeners, Eric has allowed us to give you access to the full study. Just click on the “Special Offer” button in the right-hand column. 

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Eric’s background,
  • What “Next Generation Advisor Study” is all about.
  • Our discussion about the new era of benefit design.
  • The four types of employers.
  • The six areas of capability that a next generation benefits advisor needs.
  • Strategies and tactics for the next generation advisors.

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