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16 May 2016

Ep #110: The Bloodline of Wisdom and Wise Decision Making – With Tony Boquet

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Are you a “solutionary”?  What is the role of wisdom in ethics, and where does wisdom begin? An old friend of the podcast has a new novel that helps explain it all.

This week, we welcome Tony Boquet back to the podcast. In his “day” job, Tony is Vice President and Adjunct Professor at the American College. Last time we chatted, he told us about changes at the college, but this conversation centers around his new book, The Bloodline of Wisdom: The Awakening of a Modern Solutionary. 

The Bloodline of Wisdom is a compelling and engaging novel that instructs about a serious subject – wisdom and wise decision making. Tony helps us to understand that the avalanche of information available to us does not necessarily provide wisdom. We explore why wisdom is the foundation of our ethical constructs and how it informs the way we act in both our professional and personal lives.

Those who understand these concepts become “solutionaries”, a word Tony created and which he explains in more detail in the podcast. He also gives some examples of how solutionaries and non-solutionaries make decisions and conduct themselves. We wrap up the conversation with the direct lessons that benefits advisors can walk away with after reading Tony’s new book.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • How Tony’s novel came about and his thought process behind it.
  • Whether the ethics and wisdom are synonymous.
  • Why Tony used a historical context in the book
  • What a solutionary is and who falls into that category.
  • The direct lessons that benefits advisors can walk away with after reading Tony’s book.

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