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24 Aug 2014

Ep #20: Building Presentations That Inspire Action – With Meghan Dotter

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ShiftShapersCoverArtWe decided to change things up a bit this week and asked Meghan Dotter, founder of PorticoPR to share her expertise on how to “present better”, which is the tagline for her company, Portico PR.  A veteran of several high-profile communications and PR positions, she decided  to build her practice on the one thing most people find so difficult – the presentation.

With the increase in complexity in our industry, coupled with advisor’s need to provide more value in their client interactions, honing presentations skills is a must.  Tune in to learn how you can create presentations that resonate, build trust, inspire action and help you close sales.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The challenges of creating presentation that cut through an ever-more
    complex environment.
  • The value of storyboarding as preparation for creating a presentation.
  • How clients learn, decide and remember.
  • Why newer presentation tools may be more impactful than the venerable PowerPoint.
  • Should you have a second deck when you present?
  • The importance of a little stagecraft during presentation.

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