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14 Jun 2015

Ep #62: Understanding and Positioning Captive Insurance Arrangements – With Mark Gaunya

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Mark Gaunya returns to ShiftShapers to discuss the use of Captive Insurance Arrangements as an alternate funding mechanism for your clients. More and more advisors are considering different types of self-insured financing mechanisms for clients – especially in the mid to large market space. A Captive adds a few components that help to create a comfort level with clients making the change to self insurance.

Before we discuss the actual ins and outs of Captives, Mark takes us through what he believes are a couple of critical conversations advisors should have with those prospects and clients. You will learn how to explore and understand your client’s buying philosophy, how to understand the three mindsets of a purchaser and how to help them move from being a purchaser to being an in-control owner.

Mark explains how captive insurance arrangement works, how it differs from a traditional insurance purchase and what type of organizations it is best suited for. Tune in to learn about the benefits of this model as well as how to find captives for your clients.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to find your client’s buying philosophy.
  • The three mindsets of a purchaser.
  • The difference between purchasers and owners.
  • How to help clients determine a strategy.
  • The difference between homogenous and heterogeneous pools.
  • 3 component layers of a captive.
  • Why brokers might want to consider a segregated cell group captive.

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