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22 Nov 2015

Ep #85: Data Security More Than Just A Legal Requirement – With Ari Gardner

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One of the things that’s always at the forefront of everyone’s mind today, as well as an expectation from clients, is the ability to keep all of the appropriate communications secured. And it isn’t just good business – it is the law. Ari Gardner, the Director of Sharefile for Insurance at Citrix, is one of the foremost subject matter experts and we were pleased to have the opportunity to interview him about what advisors and firms need to know on this critical component of our business.

Many practitioners believe that data security is a federally induced and regulated mandate. Ari points out that there are state requirements as well and we explore how advisors can comply with both. He explains which data exactly needs to be secured and why, as well as the importance of having a comprehensive system that makes the process easy and which integrates easily in all the ways we communicate today. Listen in as we discuss what you need to know to be able to offer your clients an easy-to-deploy secure environment that meets and exceeds current legal requirements.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Where the secure file and email sharing first intersected with the health and employee benefits universe.
  • Whether these regulations are all Federal or state driven, and which takes precedence.
  • The importance of ease of use and user experience.
  • The additional considerations when using mobile devices.
  • The meaning of the different security standards.
  • The data storage requirements and how they differ from the communication requirements.

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