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29 Mar 2015

Ep #51: Mastering the ACA Compliance and Regulatory Maze – With Arthur Tacchino

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ACA and its blizzard of ever-changing regulations has created a challenging environment for even the most proficient advisors. We asked Arthur Tacchino, Chief Innovation Officer & Principal of Sync-Stream Solutions, to discuss those challenges and to examine some of the ways advisors can master and profit from providing their clients with expert and timely advice.

Arthur is a lawyer by education and also serves as an assistant professor of health insurance at The American College. His concentration has been highly focused on this area of practice and has made him one of the leading subject matter experts on this ever-changing area.

In addition to discussing the compliance process, we also learn about the three phases of the process at the client level: analysis and modeling; decision making and documentation, and implementation and monitoring. Don’t miss this informative discussion that will give you some insight on how to operate in today’s evolving marketplace and help you prepare yourself and your clients in case of an audit.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Arthur went from a J.D. to Health Insurance.
  • The unique challenges ACA has created.
  • Supporting client discussions.
  • The three phases of compliance.
  • The impact and imprint of ERISA in ACA.

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