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24 May 2015

Ep #59: Using Compliance To Be Column A – With Karen Kirkpatrick

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In today’s environment, employers look to their advisors for more compliance information than ever before. This week’s guest believes that when it comes to the subject of compliance, many employers “have their heads in the sand” – and that presents an opportunity for advisors to differentiate and deliver value.

We recently attended the North Carolina Association of Health Underwriters Symposium and had the opportunity to talk about compliance with Karen Kirkpatrick, owner of On Your Mark Consulting and one of the country’s top experts and thought leaders on the subject of compliance and regulatory issues.

On this episode of ShiftShapers, we talk to Karen about the opportunity this presents for benefits advisors and what they need to be aware of to effectively advise their clients on the multitude of compliance issues and how to understand the critical difference between strategy and implementation. While PPACA has made compliance more difficult, many compliance-related areas precede ACA. Karen also shares her strategies that help advisors, “Be column A”.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Karen’s  journey.
  • Compliance issues before PPACA.
  • Whether the benefits advisors are struggling to advise their clients about compliance issues.
  • How an advisor might approach clients with this new service.
  • The difference between “strategy” and “implementation.”
  • How to “get to column A.”

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