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01 Feb 2015

Ep #43: Concierge Medicine – A More Personalized Approach – With Thomas O’Connor, MD

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Our guest on today’s program is Thomas O’Connor, M.D., a Connecticut internist who believes that ACA is the driving force behind the unprecedented growth in the Concierge Medicine practice model. A second-career doctor, Tom originally decided to become a traditional primary care physician. As he focused on building a practice that offered more personalized care, he inadvertently became a pioneer in Concierge Medicine.

We invited Tom to share his unique journey, and to learn how his practice differs from traditional practice.  We also discuss how benefits advisors can discuss this model with clients who are looking for an alternative to dealing with longer appointment waiting times and increasingly depersonalized care.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Tom came to be a second-career physician.
  • What concierge medicine is.
  • How his day differs from a more traditional practice.
  • The limitations of concierge.
  • How ACA affected concierge medicine.

Listen To The Full Interview:

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