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30 May 2016

Ep #112: The Elements of Successful Consulting – With Chad Schneider

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If you are thinking about taking a more consultative approach and want a roadmap for how to get there, this episode is for you!

On this episode, we welcome Chad Schneider, Chief Sales Officer at Code SixFour, who has extensively studied practices around the country and has keen insights into how the most successful advisors are either hanging out “Consultant” shingles or are taking a more consultative approach to working with their prospects and clients.

We begin our conversation at the baseline level – asking Chad to explain what a consultant is and why not every advisor is a consultant today, even if they think they are.

He defines the four quadrants that advisors need to work in so that they can build a solid consulting process: discovery, analysis, solution design, and implementation. Chad also provides a checklist of six key areas that need to be addressed. We discuss some of the technology that advisors can bring into the process to help achieve client goals and create a “value add” for clients.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • What a consultant is and why not every advisor is a consultant.
  • How to move toward a more consultative approach.
  • The four quadrants of consulting.
  • The six key areas consultants need to discuss.
  • The three “technology buckets” and why they matter.
  • Whether predictive modeling is in your clients’ future.

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