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05 Apr 2015

Ep #52: Using Innovative Solutions to Contol Costs – With Christopher Fisher

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In today’s market, employers expect their benefit advisors to bring them new ideas to control costs. Our today’s guest, Christopher Fisher, Founder & President of BenefitsAlly, finds companies that are doing unique things that can take employers beyond the traditional method of increased employee responsibility.

We discuss the three hallmarks of “intelligent health care solutions”. Chris believes that advisors who use those ideas and come up with creative solutions are going to thrive, and those who continue on the same old path will soon fade away.

Our conversation also explores new ways that benefits advisors can leverage historical data and make strategic recommendations to reduce future costs. Since this is a new conversation for many advisors we talk about how to broach that discussion with employers and how to provide them with concrete solutions based on the analysis of that detailed, granular data.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Whether or not cost shifting is a dead strategy for dealing with employer spend.
  • What “intelligent health care solutions” are.
  • How billions in venture capital will change tools in our markets.
  • The 3-step process for evaluating employers’ benefits.
  • How we can transition from a rear-view mirror use of data.
  • How to help employers use cost data at the employee level.

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