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31 Oct 2016

Ep #134: Controlling Health Care Costs in an Election Year – With Brooks Goodison – Part 2

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This week on ShiftShapers, we wrap up our two-part discussion with Brooks Goodison, President of Diversified Group.  Last week, Brooks helped us sort through the changes underway that target groups that want to move away from fully-insured plans. This week, he highlights strategies that employer groups are using to fight the rising cost of health care as a result of the Affordable Care Act.

Health care expenses can easily become one of the largest expenses for families and the rising costs have a direct impact on a consumer’s ability to plan for their financial future. Given this reality, employers are actively looking for ways to control health care costs. Brooks points out the pros and cons of reference-based pricing and provides case studies on how these programs compare to traditional PPO contacts.

He also clarifies whether allowing consumers to purchase health care across state lines will produce tangible savings. Is this just an election year talking point or can this strategy actually bring down costs without sacrificing health care quality?

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • An introduction to reference-based pricing.
  • How widespread reference-based pricing is today and whether it will gain traction.
  • Whether reference-based pricing could fundamentally change our notion of “networks”.
  • Why politicians keep talking about selling across state lines.
  • The new techniques and challenges with employee engagement.

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