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25 Jan 2015

Ep #42: Critical Illness Insurance Adds Value to Your Client Conversations – With Ken Smith

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When your client is diagnosed with a critical illness, will they have ready access to a lump sum of money needed to cover the ever-increasing personal responsibility of their benefit plan? How would you advise them to pay for costs that aren’t covered by their medical coverage? Critical Illness (CI) insurance offers a solution. In this episode, subject matter expert Ken Smith helps us to understand the product.

Ken is a Director at Assurity Life and is the co-author of HIAA’s book, Supplemental Health Insurance. In this fast-paced conversation, you will learn about the various types of CI, how to incorporate the coverage into the medical plans you are already providing and how to approach clients about the subject.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Ken’s background.
  • The history of Critical Illness and how it works.
  • How the product is underwritten.
  • The strategic use of an Accident Plan in combination with Critical Illness coverage.
  • How advisors can position this with their clients.
  • Whether the plans pay out for recurring conditions.

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