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20 Sep 2015

Ep #76: What You Need To Know About Defined Contribution Plans – With Bill Hill

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From fully-insured to self-insured, a great deal of focus is on funding strategies rather than products. In previous episodes of ShiftShapers podcast, we’ve discussed everything from minimum premium to captive arrangements. In this episode Bill Hill, president and CEO of Visor Benefits, helps us take a deep dive into the defined contribution plans and some of the novel ways to deploy them with your prospects and clients.

We invited Bill to share his unique journey and some interesting things he has learned along the way about defined contribution and what role it plays in his practice today.  We explore the changes ACA has made in the design and deployment of this arrangement. We also talk about how geographic and specific market variations and needs influence plan offerings. Learn some of the insider tips you need to be aware of to best serve your clients when discussing defined contribution plans with employers.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The regional differences of two companies Bill worked with.
  • How Alaska factored in.
  • Whether smaller groups should eliminate group coverage.
  • Whether advisors should lead employer conversations with plan design or concept.
  • Whether these approaches work in self-insured plans.

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