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05 Oct 2014

Ep #26: Direct Pay Primary Care Model Gains Importance In The Post-ACA Environment- With Erika Bliss

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On this episode of ShiftShapers, we welcome Dr. Erika Bliss, President and CEO of Qliance, a Seattle-based pioneer in the Direct Pay Primary Care (DPPC) practice model. Established in 2006, Qliance is delivering impressive results by focusing on an on-demand primary care model. With the increased personal responsibility consumers face with today’s plan designs, DPPC is becoming increasingly significant in helping to keep patients healthy while helping them to manage out of pocket expenses.

I invited Erika to the program to share her journey within the healthcare system and the shifts that DPPC has shaped in the process. Unsatisfied with the traditional healthcare model after working a number of years as a primary care physician, Erika transitioned into a new, more efficient model.

Listen in as Erika explains how the Direct Primary Care model eliminates the co-pays and deductibles that are often a barrier to routine and preventive care while also increasing patient health and satisfaction.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Erika’s background in healthcare.
  • What Direct Primary Care is.
  • How Qliance’s model works.
  • Whether the payers value managed care if they see the cost savings DPC practice models can deliver.
  • Whether it make sense to charge a co-pay for primary care.
  • Why the DPC model is more relevant in a post-ACA world.

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