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23 May 2014

Ep #7: Eliminating Waste and Improving Quality in Today’s Healthcare with Frank Roby

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Can waste in healthcare be eliminated without being disruptive, while also engaging physicians and creating transparency? We’re pleased to welcome Frank Roby to the program today, to answer this question. He is the CEO of RevelationMD and has a background in employ benefits, mainly in healthcare industry.

Working in larger-case, self-funded arenas, RevelationMD aims to eliminate waste and improve quality in today’s healthcare system through the power of their physician-centered data bridge.  In this episode Frank Roby explains how his platform not only brings all the stakeholders together, but also factors in an important, mostly forgotten part in the cost equation – the physician.

In order to successfully achieve that, RevelationMD provides a flow of information that better enables the physicians to offer proper care for the company’s employees. This system also benefits physicians through the employer or the insurance company’s willingness to share the savings that physicians can achieve by better outcomes and by helping to find better pricing options through their transparency.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The history of the shift in employee benefits of healthcare industry.
  • The reasons why RevelationMD works in larger, self-funded arenas, and how this information can help mid and smaller market folks.
  • How physicians benefit from RevelationMD’s approach.
  • How RevelationMD’s efforts affect transparency of pricing to the ensured individuals.
  • Possible trajectory of where the industry is headed and how RevelationMD fits into this.

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