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13 Sep 2015

Ep #75: Renewed Interest in On-Site and Near-Site Clinics – With Karen Hjerleid

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Increases in personal responsibility, a need to control employer costs and a desire to improve the health of employee populations are renewing an interest in the area of on-site and near-site clinics. Karen Hjerleid, the Vice-President of National Business Development at Paladina Health shares her knowledge of the area and offers insight into an old concept that may make sense for an ever-increasing number of employers.

Karen joins us to talk about how the ACA has increased populations seeking care from smaller networks and overburdened providers. Those characteristics can often result in employees not receiving care when they need it.  Coupled with deferred care due to ever-larger out of pocket amounts, Karen believes a new model of the old clinic structure can offer answers to these and other system-related problems.

We explore the different types of arrangements and how advisors can best position them with their prospects and clients. We ask Karen about the reasons that traditional carriers have not warmed to this option are beginning to come around now that the interexchange of data has become more robust and real-time.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The perverse incentives in the system.
  • What drives the interest in employer-sponsored clinics.
  • Whether the group size matters.
  • What the medical home is and why it is important.
  • Whether there is a robust data exchange between clinics and carriers within those clinics.

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