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04 Apr 2016

Ep #104: Increasing Engagement with Telemedicine – With Lena Cheng

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In previous ShiftShapers episodes, we’ve talked quite a bit about telemedicine and the role it plays in today’s benefits arena.  On this episode, we’re pleased to talk with Dr. Lena Cheng, the Vice President of Medical Affairs at Doctor on Demand, about how to increase employee engagement in telemedicine.

How can benefit advisors help employers to understand the telemedicine value proposition and what can they do to assure successful implementation and utilization?  Don’t miss this important discussion on what it takes to build a consumer-grade front door to medicine and to create a different consumer experience.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • What consumers want from a telemedicine platform.
  • How to deliver on-demand care within 3 minutes.
  • Whether there is a demonstrable, repeatable ROI yet.
  • The role doctor training plays in the success of a telemedicine platform.
  • What “design-centric” thinking is all about.
  • How we can learn from other industries.

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