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20 Mar 2016

Ep #102: Are Consumers Ready for Telemedicine? – With Jim Prendergast

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Today on The ShiftShapers Podcast, the CEO of Healthiest You, and a serial entrepreneur with a rich background in our industry, Jim Prendergast, joins us to talk about the challenges of putting consumers in the center of their own health care. In this episode, Jim focuses on the current state of the telemedicine market segment and its promise for lowering costs and increasing patient satisfaction.

Jim shares his thoughts on how long it will take for telemedicine to become widely accepted by patients. We also explore how telemedicine and some of its components have begun making it easier for those users to become true consumers. We also discuss what needs to happen in order to drive customer engagement and what advisors can do to increase the uptake of Telemedicine.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • What Jim learned in his early efforts to make Telemedicine mainstream.
  • Whether telemedicine already has “consumers.”
  • How to drive consumer engagement.
  • The tools that consumers need.
  • The importance of mobile technology.
  • The kind of ROI you can expect form Telemedicine.

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