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18 Apr 2016

Ep #106: The Most Important Sales Tool You Have Forgotten – With John Stoner

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The most important sales tool you have forgotten might be the most important tool to remember – if you want to maximize the work you do for each client.

This episode of ShiftShapers is a bit unorthodox. As you’re listening to it, you might want to download the Discovery Document by clicking this link, print it out, and follow along.

John Stoner is the Founder and President of The Stoner Organization and he is graciously offering ShiftShapers listeners the factfinder he has developed and uses with his clients. This episode is all about uncovering client needs, staging them over time and maximizing the work you are able to do for each client.

John also shares some unique sales strategies that he and his team use at The Stoner Organization. We talk about John’s Medicare strategy, how he implements it with his clients, and why it matters to employers. We also explore an innovative group life strategy and we learn why John believes employers should consider corporately self-funding STD, Dental, and Vision Plans. Don’t miss this value-packed interview that is sure to give you ideas you can implement in your practice.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Why a discovery document is so important.
  • Why sales are made with that document.
  • How to use the factfinder to provide an innovative Medicare strategy for employers.
  • A fresh group life concept sale.
  • Why you should consider self-funding STD, Dental and Vision Plans.

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