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06 Jun 2016

Ep #113: Employer Exclusion Attack And New Wellness & Overtime Rules – With Jessica Waltman

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Who is trying to change the Employer Exclusion and why? How will the new overtime and wellness rules affect you? Jessica Waltman’s quarterly visit explains it all!

In her last quarterly visit with us, Jessica Waltman profiled the Ds vs. the Rs regarding the Employer Health Tax Exclusion. A lot has happened since then. In this episode, we explore some recent Congressional hearings on the matter and alternatives being offered from across the political spectrum. You may be surprised by some of the political alignments on this most important issue!

We also discuss the new Department of Labor Overtime Rule and what it really means for employers and employees alike. More guidance may be forthcoming but if implemented as written, the Rule could have a significant impact on the economy and we will help you be better prepared to discuss the ins and outs with your clients.

The final regulatory nugget we have seen since Jessica’s last visit are some new proposed Wellness Rules from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that intent to clarify how certain wellness program components intersect and interact with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and more. While these are only proposed rules, Jessica shares her insight into the effect they would have and how to prepare your clients with such programs to begin thinking about possible problem areas.

And, it wouldn’t be a visit with Jessica if we didn’t throw in a bit of politics – especially this time of the general election cycle. We chat about Hillary Clinton’s call for the so-called “public option”, what that might mean and how it would roll out – if it came to pass. Don’t miss this fast-paced look at the regulatory and political news of the day.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • How you and your clients will be affected by the new wellness rules.
  • What the new overtime regulations are, and who they apply to.
  • What employer tax exclusion is, and who supports it.
  • The pros and cons of a public option health care service.

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