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13 Jun 2016

Ep #114: Client Engagement Goes Far Beyond Product — With Veer Gidwaney

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If you want to help your clients engage, put away the product and focus on curated content and micro-moments.

Helping consumers engage more easily with your services can help you maximize your efforts and your profitability. But what components do you need and how do you deliver them for best effect?

Veer Gidwaney, the co-founder and CEO at Maxwell Health, joins us this week to answer these questions and more. He has extensively studied benefits technology platforms and shares his knowledge about how we can seamlessly integrate benefits enrollment, management, and other tools to redefine the way clients understand managing their health.

We open our discussion by asking Veer to define “engagement”. We explore the importance of immediately being there for an employee or client that needs you. He notes that, especially in those micro-moments when clients must access their benefits, it’s crucial to understand the emotional dimension as well as the product details.

Then, we delve into the complexity of purchasing and understanding benefits – the crux of which is that consumers, on average, have access to six to twelve different products and services. The challenge, according to Veer, is how to connect these disparate benefits within one platform experience to help clients and their families better manage them.

Finally, we discuss the place of supportive communities in the world of health and benefits, not only for those with conditions that are integral to their daily lives but for those living relatively healthy lives that may want to prevent illnesses down the line.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Why helping consumers engage has nothing to do with a product.
  • Why we should embrace the emotional aspect of a sale rather than ignore it.
  • Why our industry might benefit from ceasing to present itself as so much more complex than other, similarly complex industries.
  • What constitutes “adaptive technology” and why it matters.
  • Why curated content is often more important than sheer volume of content.
  • How we can transform the value proposition for advisors.

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