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04 Jul 2016

Ep #117: Tools & Techniques Maximize Communication and Consumerism – With Saravanan Chettiar

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Communication and consumerism tools are especially important in smaller groups that lack the resources of their larger counterparts. This presents a challenge for advisors and their clients.

Saravanan Chettiar, the founder of STRIVE Benefits, joins us on this week’s episodes to share his expertise on how new tools and technology help benefits advisors to deliver effective services in an easily scalable way.

It’s difficult for a benefits advisor to communicate with employees on an on-going basis because most advisors only have access to employees once or twice a year around open enrollment. This is compounded by an interesting phenomenon that occurs shortly after each and every open enrollment – regardless of client size or industry.

Saravanan describes how healthcare literacy in the new employee population is best achieved by utilizing technology platforms to deliver your message in a simple and compelling fashion. Join us as we learn what tools advisors should focus on for both small businesses and large groups and how to easily implement this new technology.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Whether small businesses need even more help than large groups.
  • What happens almost immediately after open enrollment.
  • What should advisors focus on with so much noise in this space.
  • Why mobile solutions are important for health care.
  • Why portable and carrier-agnostic tools are  important.
  • How we can combat the lack of health care literacy.

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