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15 Aug 2016

Ep #123: Voluntary Benefits Enhance the Consumer Experience – with Sal Campanile

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This week on the ShiftShapers podcast, Sal Campanile stops by to help us explore the world of voluntary benefits. Sal is the Vice President of Workplace Voluntary Benefits and Group Sales for 5-Star; the insurance company for the Armed Forces Benefits Association.

Voluntary benefits create a more enriching and satisfying experience for the consumer. They exist to support an insurance package, not detract from it. However, in a market where consumers primarily differentiate between services based on price, Sal provides practical tips for advisors who want to grow their business by incorporating  voluntary benefits.

There are plenty of options available to consumers when it comes to benefits packages. Sal speaks to the shifts on the horizon as well as the opportunities that advisors can leverage by offering voluntary benefits. We’ll talk about just how advisors can help clients understand the need for these services from a holistic approach that relies heavily on education.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • How the military market 5-Star serves has informed their work in commercial markets.
  • 3 core elements advisors need to be successful.
  • 3 additional components advisors need to keep in mind.
  • How advisors can help consumers see their benefits as a whole package rather than non-related coverages.
  • Some of the key differentiators that resonate with consumers.
  • The pros and cons of running your agency as a general practitioner or hiring a voluntary benefits specialist.

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