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19 Dec 2016

Ep #141: Post-election Healthcare Review – With Jessica Waltman – Part 2

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On part two of this special, post-election edition of the ShiftShapers podcast, we discuss policy ideas that may be seeing a resurgence based on the election outcome and whether these ideas can really bring down costs in the healthcare marketplace.

Jessica Waltman, Principal at Forward Health Consulting and our resident expert on all things legislative and regulatory joins us for part 2 of our look at healthcare in this post-election period.

We discuss the theory being floated that an individual healthcare marketplace will control costs better than the employer-based system currently in place.  We are also hearing a great deal about selling across state lines. Jessica walks us through a practical example of how that theory actually performed in the Georgia market. And finally, we touch on the third rail in healthcare: dealing with hyperinflated and runaway costs on the supply side.

We also explore whether to expect any initiatives that address one of the largest cost drivers – prescription drugs. We wrap up with a serious discussion of the timing – and the time – it will take to unravel PPACA and make meaningful serious reforms, as well as the possible perils of acting too quickly.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Policy ideas being proposed from conservative economists on how best to structure the health care system.
  • A practical example of whether purchasing healthcare across state lines encourages competition and brings down the price.
  • Why rural markets are inherently difficult to serve by healthcare providers.
  • What President-elect Trump has hinted about controlling drug prices.
  • The strategies in place to address the main cost drivers on the supply side.
  • Whether value-based pricing is the first step in reigning in runaway facilities costs.
  • What advisors should do in preparation for the upcoming enrollment period.

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