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16 Jan 2017

Ep #145: A Better Way To Position Wellness Programs – With Andreas Deptolla

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Is there a better way to position wellness programs with employers and what do advisors need to know about the evolution of those programs?

This week on the ShiftShapers podcast, we delve into strategies that advisors can use to position wellness programs and help employers improve employee engagement in those programs. Andreas Deptolla, the Cofounder and COO of Thrivepass, walks us through how first-generation wellness differs from what’s available in the marketplace today.

Companies used to view their wellness programs through a lens of return on investment. In recent years, there has been a shift from the quantitative focus on wellness to a more holistic approach some refer to as “wellbeing”. Andreas provides an expert take on how advisors can help employers determine the real-world value of wellness programs since tradition ROI metrics are difficult to calculate.

The key to the success of any wellness program lies in the rate of employee engagement. Today’s programs are much more expansive and encompassing than merely suggesting people skip the elevator and instead take the stairs. Andreas shares why the older approach is ineffective and offers tips for advisors to help their clients improve engagement. He also shares talking points for advisors to use in discussions with C-level executives so they can help prospects and clients understand the broader benefits to employees and the effect that has on their companies.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • The difference between wellness and wellbeing and how programs are transforming in the workplace.
  • Whether any wellness program can provide a reliable ROI.
  • How advisors can position wellness programs to show value for employers.
  • The importance that flexibility in wellness programs has on driving engagement.
  • What a universal benefit fund is and how will it drive the future of wellness programs.

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