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10 Apr 2017

Ep #157: Making Sense of Health Care and Washington – with Jessica Waltman – Part 2

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On this episode of ShiftShapers, Jessica Waltman continues her quarterly visit from episode #156. She is an expert on legislative politics and a Principal at Forward Health Consulting. Jessica is here to help you make sense of recent political events and how they affect you.

President Trump and the Republican-led Congress decided to pull their legislation designed to reform, not repeal, the Affordable Care Act. This has left the future of cost-sharing subsidies for low-income earners in doubt moving forward and led to a potential lawsuit. Insurers and carriers are desperately seeking resolution of this issue so that they know how to proceed and plan for the future.

In the second of a two-part series, Jessica explains what can be done to guarantee coverage across markets. She will also talk about selling coverage across state lines. Is it possible, and will it save people money? Georgia and Maine already allow this and have not seen any substantial positive or negative results. Jessica still sees potential for positive impacts on the long-term care and life insurance spaces. 

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • How subsidies work for low income citizens seeking coverage.
  • What the Trump administration can do to stave off a lawsuit.
  • Whether coverage across state lines will happen and if it will reduce costs.
  • How coverage across state lines would work.
  • Whether tax reform is on the horizon.

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