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01 May 2017

Ep #160: Cultivating Absolute Engagement – With Julie Littlechild

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Absolute engagement can help you design a business that supports the life you really want to live. You can work less, earn more, and build a world-class business that delivers an exceptional client and team experience.

This week on ShiftShapers, Julie Littlechild joins us to talk about the concept of absolute engagement. Jullie’s new book, “The Pursuit of Absolute Engagement” outlines the process that advisors can use to accomplish that goal.  We discuss how the process creates more fulfilling growth in your business while also promoting harmony between your work and personal life. And who doesn’t want that?

Julie has examined the complicated disconnect between growth, success, and personal fulfillment that often affects benefit advisors, financial planners, and other professionals. She outlines the three daily principles of absolute engagement that help align your personal vision with your business operations.

We explore the obstacles you may face along the way to absolute engagement and discuss how successful advisors overcome those obstacles. Join us for a fast-paced conversation and then begin your pursuit!

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • The definition of “Absolute Engagement”.
  • Who needs it and why is it important.
  • How does it factor into both your business and personal life.
  • The 3 core principles.
  • Common obstacles to achieving absolute engagement.
  • Why satisfaction and loyalty are no longer sufficient to keep customers engaged with your work.
  • Why awareness and accountability are key to staying engaged with and excited about your business.

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