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08 May 2017

Ep #161: Health Care Reform Myths. Busted! – With Greg Scandlen

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Many of the precepts on which health reform efforts are based are nothing more than myths. ShiftShapers guest Greg Scandlen explodes 30 of those myths and why those incorrect assumptions continually doom efforts at health care reform. 

Based on flawed research, incorrect assumptions and flimsy evidence, these myths may make great bumper stickers but they yield miserably screwed up health care policy. Greg’s new book, Myth Busters: Why Health Reform Always Goes Away explores those false assumptions. From Roemer’s Law more than 50 years ago to the “crisis of the uninsured” to small group reform in the ’90s and today’s “reform” discussions, our guest believes that it was inevitable that we find ourselves in such a mess.

Greg discusses how academics in government agencies stir up fake crises and issue ineffective resolutions. He also digs into the oft-repeated idea that greedy doctors are the problem and other common yet flawed assumptions about healthcare. Listen in and get your myths busted!

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Why Greg decided to write Myth Busters for the current healthcare and political climate.
  • The people taking money out of the healthcare system.
  • How Roemer’s Law started the slide in healthcare policy.
  • How Medicare changed everything and skewed incentives.
  • What academics get wrong when reforming health care.
  • Why hysteria over the uninsured is misplaced, and crises are often overblown.
  • Little known facts about the “Insurance Crisis”.

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