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10 Jul 2017

Ep #170: Making Health Care Education Fun and Informative – With Al Lewis

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Al Lewis, our guest on this episode of The ShiftShapers Podcast, is a serial entrepreneur, author, renaissance man, and the CEO of Quizzify. Quizzify is a healthcare education app that uses fun and games to teach employees how to buy and use healthcare. The service makes for smarter consumers and saves their companies a lot of money in healthcare costs.

In this interview Al shares his interesting journey, beginning with his time at Harvard Law School and culminating in the creation of Quizzify. We discuss current healthcare literacy issues, how to get employees excited about learning, and Al’s unique approach to solving these problems. We also cover how Quizzify integrates with a company’s wellness program and what employer conversations about healthcare and education look like.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • How got Al credited with inventing Disease Management.
  • What it will take to increase health care literacy.
  • How to engage employees in learning more.
  • The crucial difference between wellness and wellbeing.
  • The risks of doing too many CAT scans.

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