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11 Sep 2017

Ep #179: Maximizing Lead Sales Potential with Don Runge

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Last week we explored buying leads. This week, in part 2 we will discuss how to maximize the potential of those purchased leads.

If you were surprised at how much has changed if you are buying leads, our guest this week, Don Runge, President of DMR and LeadGuru, believes that the established methodologies still work best for getting the most out of those leads.

Don contends that advisors need to make a “mind-shift” that challenges a lot of what they may believe about working leads. He also cautions that a lead is not a sale, but rather, a convenient excuse to begin a conversation with a prospect.

You will learn why CMA is more important than PMA and we will discuss the three things you need to work on before you call on those leads. For good measure, (and probably because we recorded the interview at lunchtime), we throw in a quick discussion of Chicago-style pizza!

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • What the big issue is with acquiring and using leads.
  • What mind-shift advisors need to make.
  • What the most affective approaches are.
  • How to define a lead if it’s not a sale.
  • Why CMA is more important than PMA.
  • Three things advisors need to work on before they call.

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