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02 Oct 2017

Ep #182: How To Talk Politics and Policy With Clients – with Jessica Waltman and Dave Mordo (Pt. 1 of 2)

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Talking politics and benefits is like walking a tightrope in heavy winds, but our guests say it can be done without falling off.

With healthcare so tied to politics these days, many advisors feel they have no way to avoid the subject when speaking with prospects and clients. Can you maximize your impact as an advisor and remain politically neutral? Jess Waltman and Dave Mordo say, “yes”.

In fact, they believe that if you do it the right way, that conversation helps to position you as an expert. They provide some real-life examples that show how having those discussions can provide a real business advantage. Jess and Dave caution that you have to know your audience and offer techniques (such as turning the conversation to compliance) to offer a safety net for those “other” parts of the conversation.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Can you actually talk politics with your clients?
  • The importance of differentiating between politics and policy.
  • Why talking politics in the right way can demonstrate your expertise on the subject matter.
  • How to talk about political topics in the right way.
  • Different strategies to use when politics are involved.

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