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11 Dec 2017

Ep #192: How a 2-Year Old Law is Providing Big Opportunities – With Josh Hilgers

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Twenty million Americans are employed by firms with 20 or fewer employees – many of which do not provide health care coverage for their employees. Josh Hilgers, Director of Enterprise Sales at Quotit says that despite all the usual excuses, the “21st Century Cures” Act signed two years ago is offering those employees and employees options while creating a huge opportunity for benefit advisors.

Josh is one of the organizers of a free virtual conference called the “Benefit Success Summit.”  Shiftshapers is participating, along with a number of other thought leaders and practice shapers. Click the link below for more information about how you can sign up.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • How the Act created QSEHRAs
  • What you can do with a QSEHRA from a defined contribution platform
  • Why this is amazing opportunity to serve an often overlooked market
  • How this can help <20 employers attract and retain top talent

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