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01 Jan 2018

Ep #195: Corporate New Year’s Resolutions Focus On The Big Picture – with Amy Evans

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Many of us make personal resolutions at the new year, but corporate resolutions can be an even more powerful way of keeping your eye on the big picture during the coming business year. Amy Evans, President of Colibri Insurance writes annual resolutions for her firm, but she goes a step further – she publishes them!

We caught up with Amy to discuss her feeling that this is a key part of her agency’s success. We explore last year’s list and the impact it had on her practice and we chat about this year’s resolutions, too. It isn’t too late for you to make your firm’s resolutions for the New Year. Listen in and learn from Amy.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • What’s the difference between a goal and a resolution?
  • How many resolutions make sense and when are you going overboard?
  • How you can keep the resolutions list high-level, but practical
  • How to assess your business’ success during and at the end of the year

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