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08 Jan 2018

Ep #196: Old School + New School = Unbeatable Combination – With the Gearharts

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Bob Gearhart Sr. and Bob Gearhart Jr. – known simply as “Senior” and “Junior” (or “The Bobs”) to their clients and friends – have found the formula for a highly successful multi-generational agency. Combining a depth of knowledge and an application of technology, they have built a next-generation agency that keeps it simple.

They believe that as the industry has become more complex, clients really want simple explanations and clear pathways to their goals. They have taken another leap and put their fees at risk, which they feel puts them on the same side of the table as the client. Learn how they do it on this episode of ShiftShapers.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • How do you handle the complexities of today’s market?
  • What is health care chain management?
  • How can advisors reframe correctly who is driving costs?
  • What are the four strategic areas they focus on?

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