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15 Jan 2018

Ep #197: Episode Of Care Pricing Eliminates Surprises And Saves Money – With Dr. Marc Grossman

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Dr. Marc Grossman, Founder and CEO at PriceMDs, has a unique 30-year perspective on the industry, having spent time as a surgeon, an administrator and a hospital owner. Over that time he has developed a keen sense of the chaotic and often adversarial pricing system that is prevalent in today’s medical and insurance industries.

He believes that “Episode Of Care” pricing for non-emergency procedures can help all constituencies operate in a more intelligent, effective and efficient manner, while driving significant cost savings without sacrificing quality of care or outcomes.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • How did the current state of pricing become so chaotic?
  • What is “Episode of care” pricing
  • Is it important for patients to know the costs up front (spoiler alert: the answer is not) what you may think).
  • How do you drive understanding, employee engagement and employer take up?
  • Can offshore medical facilities also play a role?

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