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22 Jan 2018

Ep #198: Technology Puts Healthcare In Patient’s Hands And Creates Community – with Mark Seghers

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Our guest on this episode, Mark Seghers, Chief Sales Officer at Healthio, helps individuals, their families and their providers to fill in the blanks during the 5000 hours they spend away from their doctors. For the last several years we have been talking about how The Internet of Things (IOT) will change medical care – and today that conversation is becoming real.

Aging Baby Boomers who insist on remaining at home even while they manage chronic conditions, combined with a shortage of 90,000 physicians is combining to drive technology to fill the gaps. Learn about the latest and greatest on this episode.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  •  What is the need?
  • Which populations are the target?
  • Is compliance better?
  • What information is captured?
  • How, and to whom, is the information sent or shared?

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