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15 Apr 2014

Ep #2: The Future of Value-Based Health Care with Alan Katz

David Saltzman 1 Comment

On today’s episode, we are welcoming Alan Katz of SeeChange Health  to the show. Alan his colleagues at SeeChange Health have been finding great success with a different model and mindset than many of our listeners may be used to

SeeChange Health was founded in 2008, and since then, they have cultivated and refined a model called “Value-Based Benefit Design”. Today, we are going to be talking about the evolution of the company, and the future of this exciting construct. Don’t miss it!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How and Why SeeChange Health was founded.
  • How they provide financial rewards to people who take actions to improve their health.
  • Why traditional health insurance isn’t really health insurance at all; it’s sick insurance.
  • What plans they have for expansion into different states.
  • How Alan sees incentive-based platforms fitting into the landscape moving forward.

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