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26 Mar 2018

Ep #207: Better, Less Expensive Medical Care – Beach Included! With Laura Carabello

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Laura Carabello, Founder and Principal at CPR Strategic Marketing and Communication has spent the last 10 years focusing on domestic and international medical tourism. In this fast-paced episode, we discuss the inroads that both types of medical travel have made, beginning with jumbo employers and working their way to more recent acceptance and adoption by the mid-market.

We also explore some of the pricing mechanisms behind the trend and why these facilities deliver high-quality care, great patient satisfaction, and impressive savings to plans and employers. Laura explains how plans can communicate these benefits and what advisors need to know to connect their employers with appropriate facilities.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Why the take-up has seemed slow, despite the savings and quality.
  • Which facilities are in the forefront of delivering these services.
  • That Adoption by business coalitions has been strong.
  • How pharmacy is being brought into the arrangements.
  • How to find “Centers of Excellence” and why they are important.

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