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27 Aug 2018

Ep #229: How 360-degree Data and Analytics Is Changing The Industry – with David Snow

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David Snow is Chairman and CEO of Cedar Gate Technologies and a self-described “health care junkie” whose career has touched nearly all facets of the health care system. As such, David has a very unique view that informs how he works with and helps companies use data to drive better decision-making.

We discuss the notion that data provides multiple levels of analysis, from focusing on the patient through the other elements and constituencies in the system. David explains why there is a steep learning curve, but how we are getting better at understanding and acting on data in a timely manner that affects care and spend.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Is data the piece of the puzzle that helps us make sense of the whole picture?
  • What are the opportunities for plan savings?
  • How is data different than analytics – and why do both matter?
  • Where do actuaries and underwriters fit in the future?
  • Why is there often an inverse relationship between cost and quality in healthcare?

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