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24 Sep 2018

Ep #233: Fee For Service Is The Crack Cocaine Of Healthcare – with Brian Klepper

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Brian Klepper, Principal at HC Performance Inc. and Worksite Health Advisors, believes that the value being delivered in today’s health care system is a “train wreck” and that many are complicit – and know that they are complicit. He explains why he believes that Fee For Service is the crack cocaine of healthcare. The good news is that Brian sees a new model emerging that focuses on delivering value across the entire health care delivery chain.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • What does the current system look like and why is it a problem for all constituencies?
  • How do you define value-based care?
  • What are the key metrics?
  • Are employers beginning to understand this change?
  • Is there a new, emerging class of high-performance health providers?

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