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08 Oct 2018

Ep #235: Legislative and Regulatory Changes You Need To Know About –With Jessica Waltman (Part 1)

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Legislative and regulatory changes that affect your practice and your clients continue to happen despite the other noise from the Hill. In part one of this two-part interview with regular contributor Jessica Waltman, we will explore those initiatives and what you need to know to advise your clients appropriately. In part two we discuss . . . politics! Which parties are taking what positions, how they might impact the midterm elections and beyond.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Reporting changes.
  • HIT Tax possibilities.
  • EEOC Wellness rules may expire in January and create chaos.
  • AHPs and Short Term Plans and their implication.
  • New 1094/1095 forms and the IRS showing no mercy.

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