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28 Jan 2019

Ep #251: What If Employees Owned Their Employer-based Plans? – with Mark Blum

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Mark Blum has taken a very different path to get to the healthcare universe – starting as a labor organizer and negotiator who quickly found healthcare to be the most frequent stumbling stone in negotiations. The determination to find a way to resolve that issue has brought him to some interesting destinations and some surprising conclusions along the way. He is Executive Director of America’s Agenda, a non-profit healthcare delivery innovation center, and also serves as President of SolidaritUS Health.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • How his beginnings in labor influenced the questions and answers he found going forward.
  • What worked in Maine and in Vermont, and how that informs newer challenges.
  • What happened when the ACA meteor landed on healthcare.
  • What are “labor-owned” plans and what impact could they have?
  • How he created an eBay type environment for one state to solicit bids for pharmacy plans and what that saved.

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