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08 Apr 2019

Ep #261: Avoiding Landmines and Litigation in DI Claims – with Eric Buchanan

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From application to claims, DI is a bit of a different animal. Underwriting is both medical and financial, and policy provisions are (understandably) more complex than a life sale. Death is not subjective, but disabilities are, and oftentimes this leads to claim challenges. Eric Buchanan, JD, and his firm help claimants when the rubber meets the road.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • How did he get into this area of the business?
  • What causes most claims disputes.
  • How to keep your client out of Federal Court, where the rules favor the insurer.
  • What can you do on the app to avoid problems down the road?
  • Avoid “ERISA-fying” your client’s policies.

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