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10 Jun 2019

Ep #270: The New “Masters In Health Plan Design” Degree – with Tom Scott (Part 2)

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With the massive amount of creative disruption happening in our industry, the need for advisor education is greater than ever. The University of Lynchburg’s Tom Scott has relied on industry experts and others to create a new Masters degree which focuses on the practical aspects of the new world of health benefits.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • How a Ph.D. in quantitative analysis found his way to the healthcare space.
  • Why health care education is a true blue ocean – and why that can’t continue.
  • Looking at health care costs from square 1 was the starting point.
  • Structure as 5, 10-week courses with top industry figures as lecturers and teachers – all online.
  • Solutions are available for our challenges – if we work and study together.

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