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09 Sep 2019

Ep #283: Healthcare’s New Front Door – with Kelly Bliss

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Today’s episode of The ShiftShapers Podcast by David Saltzman is called “Healthcare’s New Front Door” and focuses on the expanding space of telemedicine. David features Kelly Bliss, Chief Client Officer at Teladoc Health, and explores what telemedicine is all about and how it breaks barriers to serve millions upon millions of people in need.

Kelly begins by telling the story of her mother’s condition and eases into an in-depth discussion on areas where telemedicine is breaking ground, specifically in areas of mental and behavioral health, healthcare literacy, and accessible costing.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • 01:56 Kelly’s background and introduction to telemedicine
  • 05:21 Cast study: Kelly’s mother and the benefits of telemedicine
  • 08:19 Fighting the stigma: Services for behavioral and mental health
  • 14:12 Employers and employees: Healthcare literacy
  • 16:17 Costs and quality


“About 65 million adult Americans live in primary care deserts, so for millions of under-served populations, access to virtual care is really their only option in the moment of need.”

“Virtual care is really sort of what we call the great equalizer, meaning it’s exciting, it’s now understood by consumers, employers, health plans, and governments around the world.”

“US Department of Health and Human Services says 96 million Americans live in areas where there’s a shortage of mental health providers.”

“We see these cases where the traditional healthcare system and behavioral health tools just aren’t accessing patients where they need to be and stigma is certainly one of many barriers.”

“Oliver Wyman actually just put out a survey yesterday that published the 2030 Predictions Report that stated that, overwhelmingly, leaders in healthcare thought that innovation by tech companies focused on value and consumer experience. We’re going to spark the shift.”

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