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14 Oct 2019

Ep #287: Nurses Take Back Healthcare – with Jeanne Moore

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In this episode of the ShapeShifters Podcast, David welcomes Jeanne Moore. Jeanne is a registered nurse who is now working in the health insurance industry, and providing consulting services. She is the author of Nurses Take Back Health Care One Employer At A Time.

Jeanne talks about the shift in the role of nurses in society today and how this relates to the quality of healthcare as well as the flaws in the business framework inherent in hospital settings. She shares her insights regarding disease management, data analysis and problems with the healthcare industry as a business. David and Jeanne discuss how to empower nurses and the current need to augment their roles in the healthcare system.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • 2:05 Nurses in other fields
  • 4:46 The quality of healthcare
  • 7:54 The “dark side” of healthcare
  • 10:36 How data analytics matter
  • 16:05 Healthcare as a business
  • 20:15 Getting nurses to understand the whole picture


“I think that nurses are finding their voices in a variety of ways across the country and across the healthcare system as a whole.”

“Most generally when we’re speaking about the quality of care in the insurance realm, it’s not about the quality of care that’s being received in the hospitals. It’s really focused around chronic conditions and ‘are we following the guidelines that are set by all the entities that are out in the world?’”

“There’s a lot of different things — reasons that your data is looking like it is but the assumption that are being made and applied to that aren’t necessarily true.”

“When you have folks in the hospital system, who have never held a patient’s hand, making business decisions, administrative decisions, those decisions are a lot different than if you have those decisions being made by someone who understands the clinical impact.”

“You know, if anybody thinks that the healthcare industry is nothing but a huge business engine, then let’s have a conversation because it is all about the money.”


Nurses Take Back Health Care One Employer at a Time by Jeanne Moore [book]

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