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15 Apr 2014

Ep #3: The New Private Exchange with Rick Bailey and Amanda Hohenberry of Inrollit

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On today’s episode, we are speaking with Rick Bailey and Amanda Hohenberry of Inrollit. Inrollit is a modern health insurance company that was built on the foundation of a much older model. Rick was asked by Georgia Governor Nathan Deal to be a part of his exchange advisory committee.

What Rick discovered caused him to shift the shape of his entire business. We’ll hear from the folks at Inrollit on how they are breaking down the barriers to customer understanding with their new platform. Don’t miss it!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why it’s so easy, as benefit advisers, to forget what it’s like to be the individual consumer.
  • How the internet is the most powerful free marketing tool at your disposal.
  • Why it’s ultimately about creating an environment that is comfortable for the end user and the broker.
  • How they have broken down the new laws for everyday people to understand.
  • Who the market is for the private exchange and where they see it going in the future.

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